Dilli Haat INA in delhi
Dilli Haat INA

About Dilli Haat INA

The craftsmen that are enrolled with D.C.Handicrafts would be the individuals that are qualified to discover a place. The stalls are allotted to those that come from all corners of this land at payment on a basis.  This makes sure that visitors get to purchase wares. 

You can also savor the inimitable tastes of these beautiful regional foods in the many areas of India make it that the momos out of Sikkim or the Bamboos hot poultry from Nagaland, Kahwa & Kebabs from Jammu, Pooranpoli from Maharastra or the Gujarati Dhokla.  The food stalls provide you with a variety of meals.

The DILLI HAAT provides the ambiance of a standard Rural Haat or village marketplace, but one appropriate to more modern demands.  This one sees a synthesis of crafts, crafts, and action.

Art & Food Information

This Craft and Food Bazar is a treasure house of cuisine and civilization, handicrafts, A bazaar, at the city’s center, it exhibits the richness of civilization on a permanent foundation. Step in the complex for a completely delightful experience by buying inimitable cultural goods, savoring the delicacies of distinct states or simply by relaxing in the day with the whole family.

One transport into the world of art and heritage presented through a panorama of art, cuisine, and cultural pursuits. Here it is Though the village Haat is a portable arrangement. The DILLI HAAT boasts of art stalls promoting products that are usable native and ethnic.

The organizers prefer a check on costs to maintain them moderately while permitting discussion between sellers and buyers. Ministry of India & of Tourism, Govt.  of India.  It aims at providing the artists from all around the nation with encouragement so as to maintain and conserve India’s legacy.

The term Haat describes a market in even and semi-urban India.

Dilli Haat INA Speciality

Different and attractive, DILLI HAAT can be found in one of the main industrial centers of South Delhi, reverse INA marketplace. Extensive base work, little thatched-roof cottages, and kiosks with a village setting have made the area to attract multiple centers.

The term Haat describes a weekly market in rural, semi-urban and at times even metropolitan India. It’s here that the individuals find a chance to show their abilities every day. DILLI HAAT isn’t only a market place; it’s been visualized as a showpiece of traditional Indian civilization – a forum in which rural life and folk art are brought closer to urban land.

The journey of Handloom Work

Since its inauguration in the month of March 1994, Dilli Haat was home to tens of thousands of handloom and handicraft artisans. Where the family could have a fantastic time the complex isn’t only artistic, but also recreational in character. It’s a place where you can unwind in the day and enjoy a variety of cuisine without paying the prices.

There are currently dishing out delicacies from various States and Union Territories; an Exhibition Hall; a Souvenir store selling a range of gift items that are little; an open platform for cultural programs and a place earmarked for kids.

A hallway in the complex caters to exhibits of handicrafts and their handlooms. A souvenir store exhibits products that are attractive. The architectural characteristics of this complex have been specially designed from the traditional north Indian fashion, with brickwork prison (lattice) and rock roofs.

Kiosks and the tiny roof cottages, with no concrete constructions, supply a village setting.
This area’s landscaping incorporates trees and flowering shrubs, thus the complex is in harmony with the surroundings. The stores are set up. The courtyards involving the stores interspaced to keep softness and are modeled in stone. If you want to know more about you can visit Wikipedia


Price of the ticket is Rs.20/- for grownup and Rs.10/- for a kid.


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