Iron Pillar
Iron Pillar

A peek into the Iron Pillar history indicates the year of its construction and also the reason behind. though the history of Iron Pillar Old Delhi remains beneath analysis and offers several versions of its origin, it will provide North American country some substantial data on Iron Pillar. The inscriptions on the iron pillar were decoded by Associate in Nursing Indian antiquarian within the year 1838.

These were then translated into English and printed within the Journal of the Asiatic Society of a geographic region. Before that not abundant was familiar concerning Iron Pillar. As per students, the Mehrauli Iron Pillar was created throughout the early amount of Gupta reign (320-495 AD). This finding relies on the design of execution and inscription on the pillar and also the language. within the third verse of inscription on Iron pillar, students have found mention of the name “Chandra” that denotes rulers of Gupta kinsfolk.

However, there area unit completely different opinions on whether or not the word Chandra represents the King Samudragupta (340-375) or Chandragupta II (375-415) United Nations agency was the son of King Samudragupta. it’s conjointly believed to own been created in respect of Hindu God, Lord Vishnu. There also are several theories on wherever the pillar was designed.

In step with one among the outstanding theories, Iron pillar was designed on high of a hill Udaygiri in Madhya Pradesh, from wherever it had been transported to Old Delhi by King Iltutmish (1210-36 AD) when his finish. According to some researchers, Old Delhi Iron Pillar was rapt and placed within the main temple at Lal Kot in Indian capital by King Anangpal II, Tomar King in 1050 AD. Iron Pillar Inscription mentions this. However, in 1191, once King Prithviraj Chauhan United Nations agency was the grandchild of Anangpal, was defeated by Muhammad Ghori army, Qutb-ud-din Aibak designed a masjid named Quwwat-ul-Islam in Lal Kot. it had been then the pillar was rapt from its original location to its current position before of the masjid.

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