Lodhi Garden in delhi
Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden Delhi is situated in South Delhi Area. It is earlier called woman Willingdon Park, Lodi Gardens in Delhi could be a charming park, settled in the capital of India. It lies between the Khan Market and therefore the Safdarjung topographic point. It gifts a powerful mix of lush leaf and majestic architectures that belong to the fifteenth and sixteenth century.

Lodhi Garden supply a perfect setting for family outings additionally as an ideal spot for those seeking some peaceful time amid the refreshing nature. Sunset is very breathless at the Lodi Garden in Delhi. Adding to the natural leaf area unit the spectacular structures of tombs and mosques. Monuments at Lodi Gardens in Delhi Mohammed Shah of Iran topographic point at Lodi Gardens Built by Ala-ud-din Alam Shah of Iran as a tribute to prophet Shah of Iran, the third emperor of the Sayyid folk, this is often the earliest of the tombs here.

It absolutely was inbuilt 1444. settled within the southwestern a part of Lodhi Garden in Delhi, this topographic point will be seen from the road additionally. This polygonal shape formed topographic point incorporates a chamber within the middle that is enclosed by the gallery. it’s 3 arched openings. The carvings on the domes in conjunction with crowning lotus area unit value noticing. it’s eight graves whereas the one within the center is alleged to be of Muhammad Shah of Iran.

Sikandar Lodi topographic point at Lodi Garden in Delhi Built by patriarch Lodi in 1517, the last ruler of Lodi folk, topographic point of Sikander Lodi is found in the northwestern corner of Lodi Gardens, on the north of Sheesh Gumbad. it’s some similarities with the topographic point of prophet Shah of Iran and national leader Shah of Iran, though this topographic point doesn’t have chhatris. it’s enclosed by a square formed garden. Bara Gumbad at Lodi Gardens Built-in 1490 throughout the reign of grand Turk Sikander Lodi, Bara Gumbad is one amongst the largest tombs here and is believed to the entrance for a different near the place of worship by a number of the historians.

lodhi garden delhi

it’s sq.formed topographic point with a huge dome. it’s settled northeastern facet of Muhammad Shah’s topographic point. the inside of the topographic point consists of stucco work and exquisite paintings. albeit there’s no grave within this topographic point, it’s still believed that somebody of high rank, the World Health Organization remains unidentified, should have been buried here. The Bara Gumbad house of worship is found simply next to the topographic point. Sheesh, Gumbad at Lodi Gardens Located some meters faraway from Bara Gumbad, Sheesh Gumbad presents a combination of Hindu and Moslemdesign. conjointly called the glazed dome, thanks to its blue-tinted ornamentation, this topographic point is sort of almost like Bara Gumbad in its structure.

The dome of the topographic point was originally embellished with blue titles whereas the inside is adorned with floral motifs and inscriptions from Book. Athpula at Lodi Gardens Located on the Japanese facet of Sikander Lodi’s topographic point is that the Athpula. it’s aforementioned to be engineered throughout the reign Mughal emperor Akbar. it’s a stone bridge consisting of arches and pillars over a tiny low waterway within the garden. Flora and fauna at Lodi Gardens Delhi Lodi Gardens consist of a garden, a lake and a Greenhouse that is added to the wide range of trees and plants. a fashionable craniate fauna can even be noticed here like babblers, parakeets, mynahs, kites, owls, kingfishers and Hornbills.

Lodi Gardens in Delhi Timings:-

Lodi Gardens two timings are –

5:00 AM to 8:00 PM from April to September

6:00 AM to 8:00 PM from October to March

Opened Day – It is open on all days of the week

Entry Fee – There is no entry fee.

Opened For – It is open to everyone.

Way to reach Lodi Garden in Delhi:-

Lodhi Gardens can be easily reached by road as well as metro rail.

Lodhi Garden Nearest metro station – Jorbagh metro station and the JLN metro station.

Tourists can also reach here by local city buses, auto-rickshaws, and taxis.

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